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Broadband Internet Connection Terms and Conditions (Terms and conditions apply in case of shared/dedicated internet or data connection) Baliakandi Online "Baliakandi Online" is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) approved by BTRC - Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission. Conditions: 1. The Company shall provide Broadband Internet/Data Connection to the Customer from the nearest Server/Local-Office/PoP as per the convenience of the Company. 2. The customer shall pay the monthly bill including charges/fees/VAT as per the rate chart within 1 (one) month from the scheduled connection date of Baliakandi Online. Otherwise the net connection will be disconnected. 3. Customer shall accept the connection by paying the specified installation charges (if any) plus advance bill including VAT. 4. Tariff rates may be changed/revised subject to approval of appropriate authority as necessary. However, Baliakandi Online will notify the customer 1 (one) month in advance. 5. Customer Baliakandi Online will pay the fixed monthly bill on time. Baliakandi Online will notify proof of bill payment by issuing its specified Money Receipt. Otherwise Baliakandi Online reserves the right to disconnect. 6. Customer shall use only internet/data account. Cannot be used for any illegal voice transmission (VoIP). If any customer/company/institution If the company agrees to use the IP phone, the company must apply in writing to the company/institution pad. Baliakandi Online will disconnect the user for illegal voice transmission (VoIP) without notice and will take action as per law enacted by BTRC. 7. No other customer may be harmed or harassed through the provided connection. Customer shall be responsible for any such misuse. If such complaint is received or substantiated, disconnection provided by the Company in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Telegraph Act 1885 (XIII of 1885) or the Telecommunication Act 2001 preserves the ability to 8. Customer shall notify 1 (month) prior written notice/e-mail/SMS or phone conversation with support center representative in case of disconnection, subject to payment of monthly bill/dues. Otherwise you will be liable to pay the monthly bill even if you do not use the connection. 9. Any complaint about speed in case of use of Router (Wifi Password if customer has) will not be acceptable and if customer/organization manages bandwidth with manageable Router/Switch, full responsibility of its own network belongs to representative of organization/company. Baliakandi Online cannot be held responsible for such problems. Baliakandi Online does not make any guarantees that the same speed will be provided within 24 hours. 10. The Subscriber shall be personally responsible for the proper use of the Subscriber's connection and any person using the Subscriber's connection in the absence or without the Subscriber's knowledge shall bear the responsibility of the Subscriber. 11. Baliakandi Online is responsible for providing configuration and technical support at the server level in providing Internet connectivity to specific customers. 12. Subject to broadband bandwidth policy, Baliakandi Online will provide the required bandwidth as per the customer's specific package (MAC?PPPoE). In the organization or company Baliakandi Online shall be responsible for providing technical support in providing Dedicated Bandwidth Static IP Address as per contract in case. 13. Baliakandi Online reserves the right to temporarily close the connection for maintenance purposes and to hold Baliakandi Online responsible for any damages. won't go 14. Baliakandi Online will have the same bandwidth speed for 24 hours covered by this agreement, besides telephone or mobile registered in the customer form in case of customer complaints. Support or service should be provided by calling the number. 15. Baliakandi Online shall be responsible for any loss incurred by the customer if the connection is interrupted, interrupted or terminated by Baliakandi Online for any reason No and Baliakandi Online shall not be liable for any loss or inconvenience caused due to delay in re-establishment of connection. 16. Any calamity such as rain, tornado, power outage etc. natural calamities or any circumstances beyond the control of Baliakandi Online. Baliakandi Online cannot claim any kind of compensation, refund, etc. for any loss of connectivity provided by the condition. 17. Baliakandi Online reserves the right to temporarily or permanently stop the connection fee without any notice due to government order/BTRC or national interest or public safety reason. saves 18. Customer shall store and use all Router/Switch/Landcard collection at its own cost and responsibility. Baliakandi Online shall not be liable for any loss or theft of any equipment. 19. To avoid automatic internet disconnection the customer shall pay the bill before the due date of the month in prepaid system. 20. The customer shall pay all government VAT/taxes etc. and shall be obliged to comply and pay any changes in the relevant government laws in the future. 21. If the customer does not pay the monthly bill within 30 (thirty) days without notice, Baliakandi Online may disconnect the customer without any notice. can and take back all the connecting equipment. In this case, the customer will not have any objection. 22. Baliakandi Online reserves the right to provide all customer related information to any law enforcement agency as required by law. 23. Customer support of any kind is for complaints and information inquiries only. Support Center at Baliakandi Online from 10 am to 9 pm (phone number 01636-312710, 01740-953340, e-mail: or contact the local office representative of Baliakandi Online will do 24. Baliakandi Online reserves the right to make reasonable additions or amendments and the Customer shall be bound by such changes or amendments. 25. Baliakandi Online reserves the right to make any additions, amendments, changes or modifications and updates to this Agreement. reserves the right to make any changes or updates regarding the monthly price and bandwidth allocation of the package.

Baliakandi Online Is One Of The Leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) In Baliakandi Rajbari. Our Trade Licence Number is 00000040. We are providing our service since 2022.

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